Monday, April 30, 2012


I had the opportunity to quilt a quilt for the President of the Thimbleberries club at a local quilt shop. She brought this quilt to me after seeing me bring a sample into the shop, she liked the pattern that I had used on the quilt that I brought in, so she decided to give me a shot with her beautiful quilt!
Isn't it sweet? The cute little trees, flowers and houses, what you can't see is that in the windows of some of the houses she put a stamp of a little cat curled up. It was so cute! She was planning on embroidering the cats into the quilt at a later time.
I used the Plummage pattern on this quilt. It's a really great all-over pattern for more traditional looking quilts.
This pattern takes more time to actually complete in comparison to most because it is a really dense quilting job, but the effect that it creates is worth it!
What do you think? Its a very well connected pantograph. You really have to look at the quilting in order to see where the pattern stops and starts. A lot of the pantographs make it very obvious, you can see the gaps and the rows that are created...this pattern blends together.

This next quilt is from a new customer. She actually travels full time in an RV and quilts as she goes. This was sent to me from Texas. Aren't those colors awesome?
This is actually a double-sided quilt. Check out the "backing"...
Isn't that great? We used the "Paisley Rose" pattern on this quilt in a cream color and it turned out really well...
I machine hemmed this quilt as well. This is a service that I provide that I haven't really talked about before. If you would like I can trim your quilt and turn the backing fabric over into a binding. This cost is pretty minimal, for a queen sized quilt I only charged $35. I also hand sew binding...the cost to do that is .30 cents per lineal inch. So if you hate binding your quilts, now you have an alternative! Just provide me with the top, backing, and batting (unless you buy your batting from me) plus the yardage needed for binding fabrics, and you will receive a completed quilt!

Happy Quilting!!!

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