Thursday, June 27, 2013

What I've been up to!

Isn't this just an awesome modern style quilt? This was made by my buddy Pauline. She told me she wanted my river water pattern in black in the background fabric and it was up to me as far as what I should quilt into the circles.
This took a bit of thought on my part, but I am super happy with how it turned out.

Here is the backing fabric.

 I figured I would give you all a peak of the variety of quilts that come through my door. I worked on each of these quilts this week.
This is the coolest Harley Davidson quilt that I've seen! This was made by Jeannette.

These t-shirts came from all over the country, plus one from Mexico and one from Canada! I quilted stars and loops all over this quilt.
This next quilt was also made by Jeannette.
This quilt also got an all over pattern. I chose Plumage for this one, I figured feathers for a feathered star.

This next quilt was pieced by Nancy.
This one was quilted with my Clematis pattern. I really liked how it showed up in the solid fabrics.

This next quilt was also made by Nancy. She did a great job on both of these quilts.
I got to use my Harvest Winds pattern on this one. It was a lot of fun.

Isn't my job the best? It's never the same from day to day!
Happy quilting everybody!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Christmas in...JUNE?

Hi there! It seems as though it has been forever since my last post. My computer has been on the fritz, it started working today so I am taking advantage of having the internet and giving you an update!
I've been busy busy busy, and I am loving every minute of it. I've noticed a trend starting...I've been working on a lot of Christmas quilts lately! I wanted to show you a few of them :D
This first one was pieced by quite a few ladies, it was a block exchange. Each of the blocks had to be Christmas themed, and include the red fabric with the words on it, which you will see in the close up shots of the blocks. This is Laurie's quilt.
 I had a lot of fun quilting this one. My main pattern was the curli-cues with some snowflakes thrown in here and there...then I did something different in each of the blocks!

 I had some fun putting some garland on this Christmas tree.

 I know I'm not supposed to have favorite blocks, but I really enjoyed the way the quilting turned out on this block!

Another Christmas quilt that I got to work on is this one made by Joann.

I couldn't decide what to do with the border, then this idea just came to me. Joann loved it and I think that I do too. What do you think of it?

 She did a wonderful job with her embroidery! These are 3 of my favorite blocks, but they were all beautiful! I went in a did a little something fun on each one of them.


And the sashing treatments got a little snowflake quilted into each of them.
This next quilt was made by Annette. She did a wonderful job with her embroidery as well!
Isn't it a beautiful wall hanging?
The little flowers on it were 3-d!
How fun is that? Great job on all of these lovely quilts ladies!
In other news, my daughter turned 5. Yup...5. I can't believe it. Happy birthday kiddo.

I did get to work on a Christmas quilt of my own. It was made as a sample for my local quilt shop. I had a lot of fun with this one. The fabrics are gorgeous! Great job Ms. Nancy Halvorsen.
I think that my favorite bit of quilting that I did on this quilt is on the snowmen. I quilted large "pebbles" onto them to make it look as though the snowmen were made out of snowballs!
The snowflakes were pretty fun to quilt as well.
Thank you for letting me share my quilting adventures with you. Happy quilting everyone.