Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The fourth of July was sure a fun week for me and my family. We got to go camping! A four day weekend away from it all was definitely what we needed! We went to the northern California coastline for some awesome fireworks, then to Oregon where we saw some awesome caves!
I did get some work done before and after vacation though! This quilt was made by Becky. I've gotten to quilt a few of her quilts before, and I have enjoyed every one of them.

I kept it simple with this quilt. I knot that she loves stippling in her quilt so I did a tight stipple in all of the background fabric, outlined the applique with a clear thread, and put a feather in the border.
This quilt is a stunner!
This next quilt was made by Lonnie. Her son is getting married soon and this is going to be their wedding present from her. I say lucky them!!
I used my quilting pattern appropriately titled "Whole Lotta Love" in a stone gray thread.

Sharon made this quilt. It is titled Mexican Star, I love the color combinations in this quilt!!
We wanted to keep the quilting simple in this quilt as well. There is a lot of stitching in the ditch on this quilt, and a simple stipple in the background areas.
I also put a piano key border on it to give the border some added interest.
Jeanne made this next quilt. It is an awesome Buggy Barn quilt that was made to be used as a sample for our local quilt shop.
Isn't it cute? A fun added feature...
Yup, the legs are 3-D! Way too cute, I tell ya! I used a stone gray thread and quilted loops all over this quilt, avoiding the cute little legs of course!
The star and moon were outlined to give them a bit of extra pop, but otherwise left alone.
I hope that you have had as much fun quilting this week as I have. There is one more thing to report, and that is that my third quilt for Quiltmaker Magazine's Scrap Squad is up on their blog! Please go check it out and let me know what you think!
I got to make this!!
Happy Quilting!