Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Crabapple Hill Quilts

I have recently been able to quilt two quilts that were Crabapple Hill patterns. One was a farmhouse and one Halloween. The embroidery on both of these quilts was amazing! I had a great time coming up with ways to quilt them. This is how they turned out! The detail on these two quilts is awesome.
This first quilt was made by Annette. 

I wanted to quilt this quilt differently. She told me that this quilt would be going to her son so I didn't want a lot of curly cutesy things. I chose a geometric triangle as my background filler. I think it was a fun way to spice this quilt up a bit! I followed all of the embroidery with invisible thread. The way that it made the embroidery stand out was fun, but the way it looked on the back once I finished was AWESOME.

And a shot of the center panel

Fun right? Here is the full quilt.
This next quilt was made by Laurie. She made it to resemble her family farm, and I just love it!
Outlining all of that in invisible thread was a challenge, and it took a lot of time, but I was so pleased with the end results that I would do it again for sure. Just look at the truck!

And a bucket of Cherries

You get the point. I had fun! :)
Here is the picture of the full quilt
And a close-up of the fillers that I used for borders and background
Thank you, ladies, for trusting me with your treasures! I am so glad that you like how they turned out!! Happy quilting everyone!

Friday, August 2, 2013

What I've been up to!

Its that time again. Now that I have finished my last Scrap Squad quilt, its time to start planning the next one! We got our new pattern and it is another paper piecing pattern. Now that I have the add-a-quarter ruler, I don't mind paper piecing so much, I really do like the accuracy that it gives and the odd shapes that go together so perfectly! I am starting to pull colors from my stash (see photo above) and I really like what I see so far! I'm excited to get going on this one.

I have been working on quite a few customer quilts as well. These first two quilts are the same pattern, pieced by sisters at a quilting retreat. Its so fun to see the same pattern presented in different fabrics to see how easily a quilt can look so different. It is the same with my Scrap Squad gals with Quiltmaker Magazine. (By the way, the newest scrap squad post is up, go check out Carol's version!
Here is Betsey's quilt:
and here is Pam's quilt:
They both chose different quilting patterns. Betsey got Plumage on hers
and Pam got Wave on Wave. She asked me to use a teal colored thread to create a watery effect. The thread choice and quilting pattern really worked well together to give that effect.
These next two quilts were made by Brenda. She used minky on the back of both of her quilts, which really helps to show off the quilting well!
Her first quilt is a sweet Valentine's quilt that she told me she made with her niece.
Aren't Twister quilts fun? I used a light pink thread with an all-over heart design called "Whole Lotta Love"
And here is the quilting on the minky!

Her other quilt was a Holiday quilt. I decided to put my pattern "Tickle" on it and I really liked the results!

Here it is on the back.
See what I mean? It really sticks out on this fabric.
I decided that my front door area needed a little something. My friend recently came to visit and she said that it looked like I had just moved in due to lack of decorations...I'm working on it! :)
I had a  bunch of quilts stacked up in a dresser and I decided to try this approach so that they were all easily visible and accessible for when someone needs a snuggle!
What do you think?
Happy quilting!!