Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Crabapple Hill Quilts

I have recently been able to quilt two quilts that were Crabapple Hill patterns. One was a farmhouse and one Halloween. The embroidery on both of these quilts was amazing! I had a great time coming up with ways to quilt them. This is how they turned out! The detail on these two quilts is awesome.
This first quilt was made by Annette. 

I wanted to quilt this quilt differently. She told me that this quilt would be going to her son so I didn't want a lot of curly cutesy things. I chose a geometric triangle as my background filler. I think it was a fun way to spice this quilt up a bit! I followed all of the embroidery with invisible thread. The way that it made the embroidery stand out was fun, but the way it looked on the back once I finished was AWESOME.

And a shot of the center panel

Fun right? Here is the full quilt.
This next quilt was made by Laurie. She made it to resemble her family farm, and I just love it!
Outlining all of that in invisible thread was a challenge, and it took a lot of time, but I was so pleased with the end results that I would do it again for sure. Just look at the truck!

And a bucket of Cherries

You get the point. I had fun! :)
Here is the picture of the full quilt
And a close-up of the fillers that I used for borders and background
Thank you, ladies, for trusting me with your treasures! I am so glad that you like how they turned out!! Happy quilting everyone!

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