Friday, July 6, 2012

Custom smiley suns

My friend Beth just made these two quilts for two new baby girls that are about to make their debut into the world. The quilts are twins, the kiddos are not. Check these OUT!!!

Aren't they amazing? The detail that went into these quilts is awesome. Just check out the embroidery she did on the faces...look at those eyes!!!
The eye on the right only looks a little weird because I didn't take a great picture (OK OK I admit, I'm no photographer) and the quilt wasn't laying flat. Isn't that amazing? Do you see the awesome gold flecks?
Beth wanted the quilting to look like the rays from the sun just kept going...this is how it turned out.
The blue ink from the water soluble marker is still on the quilt, so let's see the back...

Those lines are 1/2" apart. These quilts took some time...but the effect was worth it. I loved the feel of running my fingers over the quilted ripples! Beth, thank you for challenging me, yet again. I hope I get to quilt for you again soon!

Next up is one of my own quilts. My husband and I took a quick trip to Reno last year for a backhoe rodeo...has anyone ever heard of one of those? The backhoe operators do obstacle courses while driving different types of equipment, including dropping tennis balls that are balancing on the bucket into trash cans, it was quite entertaining. Well while we were there I took the hubby to a quilt shop. Hey!! I watched backhoe stuff all day, he can endure an hour in a quilt shop, right? We saw this quilt as a kit the shop and we both immediately thought of Granny. Granny loves blue...her house is entirely decorated in blue, carpet, walls, appliance covers, tablecloths, etc etc. We both knew she would love it, so I got it!!
I did a little custom quilting on it. Very tight loopies in all of the light blue sections around the stars so that the stars popped out, loopies in the green areas, a sweet little flower in the darker blue cornerstones and the white centers of the small blocks...and my new favorite border treatment, curly cue feathers.

When I give a quilt as a gift I like to go down to Wally World and pick up a white cake box from the wedding section. I like the fact that they can open up the lid and voila, there is the quilt looking all grand!!!
I don't know why, but I always get nervous when I am giving a quilt as a gift. I was planning on giving Granny her quilt on her birthday, but they celebrated it early at the family reunion so there I am in my board shorts, blood donation tshirt, and my hair is nice and messy from swimming in the pool, but I still like this picture:
See...I told you she likes blue, blue apron, blue checked shirt, blue shoes, and in case you were wondering, her earings were blue to match as well! :)
I was asked why I gave Granny such a nice gift. Granny does so much for everyone else, she deserves something great for herself. She put it on her bed. I didn't think that it would fit as a bed quilt and that she would use it on her tv chair, but would you believe it? It fit the bed perfectly. The green inner border was right on the edge of the bed and the border comes down just enough so that it shows the pretty bed skirt right underneath it.
I love you Granny!!! I hope you & Jampers thoroughly enjoy the quilt!
Happy quilting everyone!!