Monday, February 27, 2012

I had a busy weekend with quilting! I pieced and almost completed a quilt top (to be shown later), and I quilted two quilts. The first was one of my own, so I got to do some custom quilting on it. The quilt title is "Glory Bound" by Bonnie Blue Quilt designs, I added an outer border to it and put it on the quilt rack.

I quilted different sized stars and loops over the entire quilt and I really love how it turned out.
It is so fun to know that I made this quilt without anyone else working on it, I picked out the fabrics, pattern, sewed all the pieces together, and quilted it myself. It's a great feeling!
The next quilt that I quilted this weekend was a baby quilt for a family member, Jen pieced the quilt and brought it over for me to practice on! Thanks Jen!
As you can probably guess, the quilt is for a little girl, she was born a couple of weeks ago.
Jen hand quilted her name onto this block so I did some custom quilting around the name so that it really stood out.
The rest of the quilting was a pantograph. It was a perfect pattern for a baby girl quilt with sweet little flowers, ribbons and heart shaped leaves.
Thanks again for letting me quilt this for you Jen! I had fun and learned a bunch!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Longarm

Last month I purchased an HQ Avante longarm quilting machine! I have been piece quilting for about 6 or 7 years now and I am completely addicted. I have been wanting to get into longarm quilting for a while now, but the cost of a machine has held me back. Recently my husband went with me to pick up a quilt from the quilters and he saw the bill (ya it was $230) he was quite surprised! I take in about 10 or more quilts a  year to the quilters and so we quickly saw that it wouldn't take too long to pay off the machine in just quilting my own quilts, not to mention the fact that I could take in client quilts and that would help pay for it as well.
I have currently completed one quilt
I did a pantograph, which basically means that I am following a stencil which is at the back of my machine. It is a great way for beginner quilters to get used to the machine and the process of quilting, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I can't wait to get another quilt onto the machine.
I completely took up our entire "parlor room" with this machine. The table is 12' long and it barely squeezed into the space that we husband used to keep a pool table in this room, this is as big a difference from a pool table as you can get! Sorry hunny! At least he still has his "man cave" in his detached shop on our property!
I am one happy lady!
I will try to upload a picture of all of the quilts that I quilt onto this blog (that's the plan anyway!) So stay tuned!