Friday, April 13, 2012

Clam shells and geometrics

I quilted Annie's first ever completed quilt top! She was so shy about bringing it out but I think that it is really nice for a first quilt! Check it out...
We decided to use the clamshell flowers pattern on this quilt and I think that it turned out really well. It goes with the print of the fabric.

She pieced her backing on this quilt and in the center was a large white strip, I chose a pink thread to go on the back so the pattern showed up really well.

What do you think??

She also had me quilt this one for her
Her husband called it his "Route 66" quilt. You'll see why in the picture below. They asked me to do my geometric design on this quilt and it was fun to hide a few things in there. Brian, I'm not going to show you everything, you are just going to have to look at every square inch until you find it all!!
This is the backing fabric. I hope that someday you two get to take that route 66 trip of your dreams!!

Next up is a quilt that was shipped to me from a new friend in Nevada. I loved opening up the package to see this gorgeous stained glass window quilt. It is just beautiful!! 

There are some small dragonfly's in the pattern of the border fabric so I was asked to quilt some dragonfly's onto the quilt.

I had a lot of fun quilting these little beauties onto this gorgeous quilt!!

I am still playing catch-up as far as blogging goes, so stay tuned for some more pictures of beautiful quilts that I have been priviledged enough to add my own touch the meantime, Happy Quilting!

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