Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Colors

This next quilt is designed by my favorite fabric designers, Me & My Sister Designs. This is from their Strawberry Lemonade fabric line. This quilt is actually one of my own so I got to decide exactly what kind of quilting to do without having to worry about coming up with any custom design pricing.
Wouldn't this quilt just brighten any room? That's why I love their fabric lines so much! They are always cheerful!
I had a little bit of fun with this quilt since it is my own. I put loops and flowers all over in the borders, in the blocks the outer square got loops and the small center square has a sweet flower in it.

The backing turned out pretty neat too. I used a blue thread so that it stuck out in the yellow a bit. There's loops and flowers all over the place!

I really enjoy being able to do some freehand work. It is admittedly a very simple design, but sometimes simple is best. I am a big fan of my quilting being the second thing that you see when you look at a quilt. The piecing should be the main focus! I certainly think that I achieved that when I quilted this one!

This next quilt was pieced by a neighbor of mine. She was referred to me by my good friend June, when I was on the phone with her telling her how to find my house she started laughing...then she told me that she literally lived around the corner from my house, I pass by her house any time I leave the house. We both had to chuckle at that! This quilt was made during her college years (yup she's a young quilter like me) and I was super excited to help her finish it up! Isn't this celtic knot quilt gorgeous?

This quilt measured 98" X 98"'s a big one! Of course, when selecting a pattern to use, I suggested the 3" tall Chantilly Lace pattern...this quilt took a day and a half to complete, but it was well worth it! The pattern looked amazing on this quilt. The picture below is of the backing. We were going for an irish interlocking look and I really think that we accomplished that!
Isn't that a pretty, dainty pattern?? I enjoyed it!!
Stay tuned for more pictures! Until then, Happy Quilting!

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