Saturday, May 12, 2012

Custom Quilting

My friend Elise decided to give me a shot with a gorgeous quilt that she and Kris made together. They wanted custom quilting. I will admit to being nervous...I had only done pantographs and simple free motion quilting up to this point...but I was determined to give it a shot!!

Isn't that a beautiful quilt? They made it for their friend. I used a chocolate brown thread on the sashing and borders outlining the blocks, and a cream thread for micro quilting around the blocks so that they popped out once the quilt was's some examples of the micro quilting.
This one is the feather echo:

This one is curly-cues:



For each different type of fabric in the background, there was a different micro quilting pattern. I had a lot of fun quilting this quilt and I am super grateful to my friends, Elise & Kris, for trusting me with quilting it.
Today I am working on another quilt for them, it is custom too and I am super excited to share pictures with you once it is finished!!
Until then, Happy Quilting!!! 

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