Monday, November 19, 2012

From a jelly roll!!

I had the opportunity to quilt both of these quilts recently. Believe it or not, they were both made with jelly rolls! I love the pattern on both of these and really enjoyed working on them!
First up is Sandi J!
The entire center of this quilt was made with jelly roll fabric. The only thing on this quilt that wasn't part of the Jelly roll is the outer border and the backing fabric. Isn't that awesome? I loved getting to do some fun custom quilting on this one.
 I had just returned from the Machine Quilters Expo when I started on this quilt and I got to use some of the new techniques that I learned! I used some dense background fillers here...
I got to make my own templates for the flowers and inner border here, along with a fun and stunning feather for the sashing!

I can't take all of the credit for the ideas of the custom work that are on this quilt. Sandi gave me the book that she had gotten the pattern from and asked me to recreate it on her quilt. Of course, I made my own tweaks to it, and I really love how it turned out!
This next quilt was made by Flo. She told me that she took a class to make this quilt at a shop in Arizona. When she asked for the class supply list so that she could buy materials they informed her that she would be recieving her fabrics in the class, and that everyone would have the same fabrics. She is a braver woman than I am!! She had no idea what it would look like until she arrived for the class. This is what she got.
I freely admit that I checked the selvage edges on the fabric to find out the name of it...isn't it beautiful? I love the colors and the patterns of every fabric!
I quilted my Clematis pattern onto it using a slightly metalic looking light purple thread.
I love quilting this pattern. The flower is beautiful and then it has those little swirly's all over the rest of the quilt. Wider view...
That's it for now, I'd better get back to work!
Happy quilting everybody!

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