Saturday, November 17, 2012


My first customer has become a great friend!! Annie has had me quilt over 15 quilts for her so far this year. She is a busy woman!!! Not only does she let me quilt some great quilts for her, but she lets me be my kooky self and put some crazy patterns onto her quilts when she knows that I am excited to try them out! This next quilt is proof of that.
This is her owl quilt. She wanted owls quilted onto it but I didn't have any owl patterns, so we decided to put monsters on it!
 She used a brown solid for her backing and let me use a cream thread so that when you turn the quilt around, you can REALLY see the monsters! Aren't they fun? Annie and her husband decided that they liked this pattern so much that she wants me to put it onto two of her next quilts...the fabrics in these two quilts are floral.
 Cute little dragon guy. Sorry, excuse the blurry picture!
 This guy is kinda like a ghost, he even has a belly button. Silly silly.
This next quilt was made by Jeanne. If you follow my blog you have seen quite a few of her quilts on here as well. It has been so much fun getting to know these two ladies!! She made this great quilt. I just love how the colors POP! She wanted a simple stipple around the blocks but no quilting on the blocks themselves. I used 2 layers of poly batting so that the stars would stick out after quilting...what do you think? Do you like the 3-d effect that quilting can create?

I love the great contrast between the super bright colors and the very white background!

This next quilt was made by Marney. This is the first quilt that I have quilted for Marney so far, but a week after I quilted this one she brought me another and now I have 2 more in my closet to quilt for her. I love a satisfied customer! She told me I could do whatever I wanted on this quilt, so I chose a simple loopy pattern. I figured it would look like the bees were swooping all over the air! I started a thread at the tail end of each bee and went for it!

 She did such a great job on the applique and embroidery!

Christmas time is almost upon us! I have certainly seen an increase in quilts coming in to be quilted before Christmas. I just wanted to let my customers know that if you need a quilt done before Christmas you will need to get it to me before Thanksgiving (I can't believe that is next week!! Where oh where does the time go??). I am doing my best to accomodate everyone, but Christmas is approaching very quickly!!
Happy quilting everybody!

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