Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kris & Elise

I recently told my friends on Facebook that I would take up to 3 quilts from my buddies, and quilt them for free. I took 5. These two are from my good friends down south, Kris & Elise. I first met these two ladies at a quilt retreat two years ago and we hit it off immediately. I was super happy when I learned that they would be attending the same quilt retreat this year and we got to see each other once again in January. They were both excited with me as I got my new longarm machine and so I couldn't have been happier to accept these two quilts from them and hopefully they love the finished products as much as I do!
The first one up was Elise's quilt! This quilt is something else! I love the bright colors and it'll be such a neat look once this quilt has been washed! The edges of the petals on the flowers are a raw edge, so once this quilt has been washed the edges will fray and it will have a lovely 3d effect to it!
This quilt was begging for some wonky custom quilting and so I happily obliged. I traced around each of the petals on the flowers and did some fun swirlies on the background.
I know that it is a little tough to see, but the inner border has some fun swirls going through it.
And the outer border has some flowers with swirls as centers.

Next up is Kris's quilt, and you could say that it is a little different in style from Elise's.
Kris made this adorable sampler quilt for a very lucky 1 year old girl in Wisconsin. The colors are adorable, I love the complimenting fabrics as well as the contrasts!
I chose a sweet all over pantograph design that I think is just perfect for little girls. There are sweet little flowers, heart shaped leaves, and ribbons. If you recall I used this pattern earlier, but with practice comes better results and I am very happy with how the quilt turned out.
Thank you girls for being such great friends, and for letting me get some great practice on these adorable quilts!

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