Monday, March 19, 2012


Ok, it is official...I am a professional quilter! Eeek! Terri had me quilt another quilt for her and I used the Plummage pattern, she paid me enough for shipping the quilt back to her and there was a generous tip included...enough so that it almost paid for the quilting on this quilt, so we could say that she is one of my first official customers! Thanks Terri! I loved this quilt, so dainty and feminine!
The next picture is of the backing. I used cream colored thread on the back and I think it showed off the quilting really well without being overpowering!

I am shipping these quilts out to Terri in the mail today and I can't wait to hear from her and I really hope that she likes them as much as I do.

Next up is Annie! She is amazing! She is still new to the quilting world and she is so enthusiastic about everything that it is infectious! She hadn't even seen my work yet and she gave me not one but FIVE quilts to quilt in our first meeting! Wow! Talk about faith in me! I am so lucky that she picked up my business card and decided to call me!
This is the first quilt that I have completed for her. She made it for her Mother in Law and I just love the colors!!!
Although she is SO not a floral person, her mother in law is. This is the only quilt out of 5 that she is allowing me to put a floral design on and I just love how it turned out! I picked a pale pink thread for the top and I think that it pops the quilting out just enough so that when you are looking for it it is noticable, but if you want to look at the piecing it is not overpowering enough to take away from the original design of the quilt.

Annie, I am so lucky that you chose me to be one of your quilters and I can't wait to see what funky quilts you come up with next for me! In the is a sneak peak at the second of five quilts...

It is almost done and I hope to share the finished quilt with everyone the meantime...Happy Quilting everyone!


  1. Hi Nicole,
    Think the quilting you did on Annie's quilts and Terri's is really nice. I need to get in gear and get my backs done, so I too can have "quilts by Nicole". Enjoyed meeting you the other night. Jeanne Martin

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Jeanne! I look forward to hearing from you and I can't wait to see you again!

  2. Nicole ~

    Thanks soooooo much! You did a beautiful job on both my quilts and I can't wait to see them!!! You are really doing well with your new toy - enjoy!