Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Charity Quilts & More

Being in the local quilt guilds has been so much fun! There's prizes and lectures and beautiful quilts on display...not to mention lots of new friends to meet and they all share my love of quilting!
One other thing that I love about the guilds is their love of sharing their gifts with those less fortunate than us! Each guild donates quilts to the senior center, or the hospitals, or the women's refuge and I wanted to be a part of it! You can help in any way, from cutting fabric, sewing it together, or quilting the quilts. What better way of helping out than doing the longarm quilting? It's great practice for me, and it helps those in need!!!

This is one example of the GORGEOUS quilts that the guilds put together to donate! Wow, they don't exactly do things on a small scale do they?
Since this quilt is pretty patriotic, I went for the star & swirly pattern. I think it really turned out great! I noticed a difference between my first time doing this pattern and this time...I was more confident in my ability to really go for it and I got this quilt done a lot faster!
This is a picture of the back, you can really see the quilting!

I picked up two quilts from the Redding Quilt SewCiety this month, this is the second one, it is much smaller at 41 X 41" so I decided to do some really fun quilting on it..."Swirly flowers" Yes, I love swirlies!!! :D
This is a picture of the backing. The quilt is still on the I took this picture laying on my back! It really shows off the design, I chose white thread and the fabric is turquoise!
The front.
Charity quilts isn't all that I work on though. I did mention in my previous post that I was taking a few quilts from my friends for free so that I can practice. This quilt is Terri's. She did this great quilt with retro fabrics in awesome circles.

The funniest part about this quilt, at least to me, is that Terri doesn't even remember making this quilt, it was tucked away in the back of her closet!

Due to the fun circles she made, I decided to make some of my own! I call it double bubble trouble!
It's kinda hard to see in the photos...but in person, they really pop! I hope that Terri likes it as much as I do, it was a lot of fun to quilt!

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