Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Baby Quilts

Last month at our Guild meeting we had a sew-in. Basically what we did was we all brought our sewing machines, sat down, and sewed up some charity quilts. I love being able to participate in events like these. During the meeting, the Pres. read a letter from a quilt recipient. He was so grateful for his bright quilt that he sent us a letter to thank us for it and a donation of $100. WOW! It's so great to know that the people who recieve these quilts really understand the work that goes into making them!
This is the quilt that I made:
There are mistakes, I know. But hey, I finished piecing the top at the meeting!! I quilted stars and loops all over it. I just know that it'll go to some sweet little boy and hopefully he will love it to pieces!
I got to quilt another fishy quilt. This one was done as a nine patch with sashing. I used my water ripple pattern (freemotion) again with a light tan colored thread.

They say that you learn something with every quilt. This is definitely true with this quilt. The backing had some eggs on it that were labeled. They were cute and I liked the colors...but I didn't think anything else of it until I got the quilt off of the frame and I was taking pictures. Well the fishies were facing upwards on the quilt top, but the eggs on the backing were upside down...woopsie! Now I will check the backing to make sure that it is directional, especially if the top is too. It is a good idea, if it is directional, to mark the top left hand corners for me so that this never happens again. Luckily my customer (Annie, I love you) was completely understanding.
Next up is one of the most adorable little baby quilts that I have ever seen.
Isn't that CUTE? Those bears are applique'd on in MINKY! The customer asked for a overall pattern that didn't go over the teddy bears. So what I did was the stars and loops pattern, which is pretty great on a lot of stuff, and then outlined the large stars and teddy bears.
The backing was minky also.

Happy quilting everybody!

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