Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Strips & Curves

I received this quilt from quilt shop owner Lynette from The Blue Iris Quilt shop in Palo Cedro, CA. All she really said to me was that the quilting had to be "AWESOME". Ok. No pressure! I fretted over this quilt for a long time. Nothing "AWESOME" came to mind. A few weeks passed and I knew I had to get this quilt back to her soon...so I loaded it up with only an idea for the border in mind.
It's funny how a quilt can get to me sometimes. I don't always have a clear vision of how to quilt a quilt immediately. I finally loaded the quilt onto the frame and took it one portion of the quilt at a time and the ideas started flowing almost immediately! OH!!! I should do THIS!

I took each individual block one at a time and it made life so much easier. In the previous picture I used my own version of a curli-cue feather. In this next photo I did some pebbling but I wanted to show depth so I went from itty bitty circles in the center and the pebbles got larger as they got closer to the edge of the circle.

On this 3/4 circle I decided to put a type of sun with rays coming out from the center. I thought it turned out very well and may be my favorite! (there was really no way to get a picture of the whole circle while still being able to see the quilting, so you get a close-up shot of 1/4 of it)
This next one is a flower, I added some curli-cues inside of the petals and did a bit more pebbling...
Another wavy flower...
And a fun and funky feather!
For the border I really wanted to bring the strips from the center of the quilt to the border, so I did a piano key style quilting job on it and I love how it turned out!
Lynette, I hope you think that the quilting made your already awesome quilt even more AWESOME! Thanks for letting me quilt this for you!
Happy quilting everybody.

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