Monday, April 29, 2013

Eek Braces?!?

It's been another busy day! I took my kiddo to the dentist this morning. Yikes!! They did a panoramic x-ray of her mouth and discovered that due to crowding, she is going to need braces someday. Well, at least I know now so that I can quilt even more to pay for those things!!! So, as soon as I got home, I got busy.
I just completed this quilt. I made it!! YAY! I get to make samples at The Blue Iris Quilt Shop in Palo Cedro, and this is my latest.
It was made using an Avalon jelly roll made by Fig Tree. I love it!! It is a picnic blanket, there are these little "rock pockets" on each of the corners so that you can put rocks into it to weigh it down during picnic time.
I got to use a new pattern on it called "Petal Pushers" I'm in love. It is so cute!!
This next quilt was made by Barbara. I love the modern fabric designs mixed with the traditional piecing! I got to custom quilt it!
I've actually quilted this pattern before, and I pretty much mimicked the quilting design by stitching in the ditch, and doing a tight stipple in all of the background...
The biggest difference would be the fun feather that I put into the border!
This next quilt was made by Melissa. I've shown a few quilts of hers before. Her quilts always stick out in my mind because she has such great color choices!! That and she lets me use my newest patterns!! Thanks Melissa!
Do you see what I mean? Isn't this quilt gorgeous? I used my new pattern Shangri-La on it. Since she used a solid backing piece, you can really see the quilting, even if the thread color matches so well.
Well, thanks ladies. Not only for choosing me to quilt your quilts, but for helping me start a braces fund for the kiddo! We need this smile to stay gorgeous!
Happy quilting!

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