Friday, January 31, 2014

My Scrappy year!

I've had the pleasure of being on Quiltmaker Magazine's Scrap Squad this year. What is the Scrap Squad? Well, Quiltmaker Magazine chooses 8 ladies from their applicants each year and that is their Scrap Squad. We are assigned one quilt out of each issue of the magazine to make in our own way, and of course, preferrably scrappy!
I had such joy making each of these quilts. I stretched my imagination and got my creative juices flowing. Of course, after I made each quilt (under a deadline of course) I knew how I would tweak it to make it even more interesting the next time!
This was my first quilt, Majestic Garden. I love scrappy quilt, but I am more of a "controlled scrappy" quilter. I used at least 20 different teals and as many creams in this quilt!

Our second quilt was originally called Mandarin Express, but I felt that Midnight Garden would fit my finished project better. I changed color values, put the quilt on point, and made the quilt larger and I couldn't love this one more!

Our third quilt was a much smaller project. There was so much paper piecing in this one that I decided against making it a bed sized quilt. I believe this will be a baby quilt for one of my nieces someday! I am one of 7 children, so I am sure there will be plenty of nieces and nephews in my future!
nic18 QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Turning Points
Our next quilt was originally called Western Waltz. The original colors were not me at all, so it was hard for me to want to work on the quilt...which is funny becuase the goal is to change it up anyways! I know that if I were just browsing through a magazine and I saw this pattern, I would have passed right by it, but then look at what I would be missing!!

 Our fifth project was all foundation piecing....oi. With the help of the Quiltmaker Magazine editors it was changed to paper piecing for us lucky Scrap Squad Gals! I've always wanted to  make a black white and teal quilt and I knew that this would be the perfect opportunity! I had that border fabric in my stash for more than 3 years!!

So that brings me to my 6th and final scrap squad project. Oh SO Purple :D You can check it out at Quiltmaker Magazine's blog, please leave a comment and tell me what you think :)

These quilts are all headed to Quiltmaker Magazine's headquarters in Golden, Colorado for a special Scrap Squad exhibit! I am so excited that my quilts will be on display there and I'll share photos of the exhibit when I get them!

I have mixed feelings about the fact that this year is over. I have thoroughly enjoyed working on these quilts with my Scrap Squad Sisters, we've gotten to know each other and made some beautiful quilts in the process! Not only did I get to do what I love, but I got to share it with the online quilting community! How does it get any better than that?!? BUT, now that it's over, I get to work on my own projects that have been lying in wait for a year. Stay tuned, because I'm not done yet!
Happy quilting everyone!

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