Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Pantographs

I love getting new pantographs in the mail. I swear I'm like a kid at Christmas waiting for those packages to arrive. I'd like to share with you some of the newer ones that I have gotten to use in the past month.
First up is Arabesque.
This pattern is a very scrolly looking design and it is just beautiful. It is a very dense pattern, and takes a lot more machine time so the charge for this pattern and a few others is 1 1/2 cents per square inch rather than the regular 1 cent per square inch price.
This quilt was made by Virginia.
Here's a picture of the quilt from the backside while it is still in progress.
And a picture of the border where you can see the quilting on the front-side!
The next pattern is perfect for the up-coming season. It's called Pumpkin Meander. This is another pattern that is in the 1 1/2 cent price range.
 This bed runner was made by Diane and is just one of 3 Halloween-themed quilts that I have quilted for her so far this year.
 Isn't that pumpkin just sweet?
The pumpkins are surrounded by curly-cues and leaves and I really enjoy using this pattern.
Next up is the pattern called Sunday. This is a sweet floral pattern and I charge 1 penny per square inch for it. I've used it on 2 quilts so far. This one is from Kathy.

And the second quilt is from Barbara. Both of these ladies live out of town.

The next design is called Poppy Fields. My friend Jeanne let me use it on her gorgeous one block wonder quilt. I got to use a bright pink thread on it and the backing is a solid black, so you won't have any trouble seeing the pattern that I used on this one!!
 Isn't this quilt gorgeous?  She did an amaing job piecing this quilt together.

The next quilt was made by Connie. She saw some of my new patterns when I brought it into the quilt shop and when she saw the Gecko pattern, decided that she needed to make a whole new quilt just so that she could have this pattern quilted onto it. I have to admit, I just finished this quilt. Usually I like to wait until the customer has seen it before I share with everyone else, but I'm sure that she will forgive me!

Can you see it? I admit that it is hard to see. The gecko is in green thread. I think they are just adorable, and surrounded by leaves.
I'll have more to share with you once I can talk some customers into letting me use my new patterns on their quilts. Patterns I haven't used yet include "All Squared Up" "Monster Bash" and a very sweet "Sheep Lullaby".
Happy Quilting everybody!!


  1. Look at you, Girl! You have come so far in such a short period of time! When I saw your Poppy Fields I went back through your blog to see if you had a computerized system. I was NEVER that good at pantographs.

    It was so awesome spending time with you at MQX--I look forward to spending time with you again in the future! Let's keep in touch!


    1. Hey Shannon! Nope I don't have a computerized system...I've put a lot of practice into pantos, I'm glad you think it looks good!
      I had fun with you too, we will certainly keep in touch!! :D