Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Oh my, I can't believe that it has been a MONTH since I last posted on here...lets just do a bit of a quilt show in this goes:
 This trip around the world quilt was made by my buddy Maurya. She thanked me for quilting this by bringing me some homemade bread and jams...I gotta tell was fantastic eatin!
 This is my paisley rose quilting pattern.
These next couple of quilts are made by Nancy. She has a lot of babies being born into her life right now and so she is making up a bunch of quilts so that she has them on hand when she goes to see the wee ones. I put my stars and loops pattern on this map seemed appropriate.

 Hey California!!
 This is also Nancy's quilt. I know most people would probably put the stars and loops pattern on this one seeing as it is outer space, but the first thing that I thought of was my swirls pattern, makes me think of all of the air swirling around and black holes...
 I think it turned out pretty good.
 This quilt was made by Connie...This quilt really makes me want a cupcake...
 She appliqued some cupcakes onto the backing too! I used my cotton candy pattern on this quilt and it turned out great.
 I used my swirls pattern on this pretty blue and yellow quilt as well.
Virginia made this quilt. I couldn't believe it when she left the quilting pattern up to you see all of those yello points on there? Those corners are MITERED. yikes thats time consuming!
 The new pattern is called Arabesque and it has quickly become one of my favorites. It does take a lot more time that a lot of my designs so I charge a penny and a half for it, but isn't it GORGEOUS?
 This next quilt was made by Jill for her granddaughter. I used a soft pink thread on it and did my Hearts & Curls pattern...very sweet!
 We used wool batting on this quilt and I just LOVE the small amount of poof that it creates. The quilt is super soft and very lightweight. I now carry wool on the roll, so call for pricing if you are interested.

She asked me to write  Anya's name into the quilt, this is something that I can do, I just charge extra for it. Didn't it turn out well?

Allright, hopefully I gave you all some great eye candy to keep you happy until I can get back onto this computer and share some more with you! Enjoy! Happy Quilting!!!

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